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The Control Toll is a Roguelike that was created in 2 days for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2020.

In The Control Toll, you travel in a colorful facility, fighting robots, but instead of using your money to buy items, you instead must pay a toll on game mechanics in order to keep control.

Not paying might lead to the game becoming a platformer instead of a top-down shooter, the game running in bullet time or having your weapon's recoil go through the roof.


  • WASD - Movement
  • SPACE/ENTER - Interact
  • TAB - Minimap
  • MOUSE - Aim

Programming/Art/Sound Effect/ Design - StormCat

Music - Praxillios

Install instructions

Extract the zip.

To increase resolution quality, go to the .exe properties, select the compatability tab, open the "highDPI" settings and select both checkboxes.


The Controll Toll.zip 15 MB

Development log


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The game overall is ok, but the thing I really like is the map reveal. Good job.